2017 had a real je ne sais quoi.

To be human felt like an accelerated course in the power of choice. The context both exciting and excruciating. The content super confusing or super clear at times. The dots connecting our individuality and interdependence were illuminated. When we spoke up or took action revealed generational feedback about where we saw our power residing individually, and collectively.

As cause or effect? In the past, present or future?

Integrity was a conversation often held between the lines, until it wasn’t.

I started the first weeks of the year watching the home feeds of my social media accounts change as frequently as the phases of the moon. Then, sooner rather than later — I heeded an inner call to pause, step back, and take stock rather than play a game of catch up (hello, Facebook detox!).

I found immense value in this.

I leaped when the world told me to pivot, and pivoted when the world told me to leap. As a result, I got clear and increased my capacity for present moment awareness. My creativity blossomed. My spirituality deepened. And, my empathy expanded at a time when the narrative skewed toward defense.

As Prince sang, “she walked in through the out doorRaspberry Beret, 1985.

When you change your relationship to a story, there’s a power and reach in your peace.

An organic impact born out of allowing yourself some grace. A taking things slow that cosmically catches things up. A cool down where you can step back and learn to see it all without the filters. Grounding and getting acquainted with a deeper rhythm. Cutting through the clutter.

Attuning to the season and cycles of the moon. Standing in your clarity and living from your deeper truth. Harnessing your passion with conscious, health-supportive values. Taking clear, inspired-actions to meet the universe all the way. Not attaching to what it looks like. Trusting the process.

A conscious unhustling.

“..the human spirit will not invest itself in a compromise.” — Robert Fritz

Choices I made in 2017:

1. I stopped “waiting for this to be over”. I learned to accept what is, and see what isn’t.

2. I broke my own rules. I asked questions. I chose vulnerability.

3. I changed my relationship to technology to increase mindfulness.

4. I unsubscribed. I unfollowed. I unfriended. I left the group. I dropped the ball.

5. I added compassion, consistency and grace to my Mornings. Embodied a slow burn.

6. I renewed my commitment. I divested from expectations. I upgraded my values.

7. I decluttered. I detoxed. I cleared. I let it go. I reorganized. I learned the more of less.

8. I read and wrote, often. I went for long walks in nature. I let things be easy.

Lessons I Learned in 2017:

1. Forgiveness is the rule. Stop passing on it.

2. There’s nothing basic about The Basics. Listen to learn, not for your turn.

3. Integrity is not negotiable. It is a renewable resource.

4. Trust is not a 4-letter word. Accountability can feel like one. Come correct.

5. If loving you first and foremost is wrong, you don’t want to be right.

6. There is no order of difficulty in standing in your truth.

7. Respect similarities. Have compassion for differences. Trust your gut.

8. You’ll learn more about beginning, not from beginnings but from endings.

What was your biggest aha in 2017? How did you surrender? In what ways will you add grace to your 2018? Share using the hashtag #consciousunhustling